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Press kit (English)

Who are we?

Telraam is pioneering the generation of multimodal traffic data through citizen science using their AI-powered devices to support local mobility campaigns and create opportunities for citizen engagement.

Telraam is the trading name of Rear Window BV, a startup based in Leuven (Belgium), and is a spin off of Transport Mobility Leuven (TML) and Mobiel 21.

Our mission

Telraam empowers citizens to drive local mobility policy.

Our mission at Telraam is to help citizens become a driving force in conversations and debates on urban mobility policies that directly affect their neighbourhoods by tapping into their local knowledge and locations. Telraam provides affordable and sustainable tools and data solutions to connect citizens and their local governments through local networks, and facilitate the shift towards a more human- focused, multimodal traffic culture.

Telraam in numbers

  • 2000+ devices currently active

  • 19+ countries with existing Telraam deployments

  • 409 million cars counted in last 5 months across the network


Some ongoing Telraam deployments:

  • Province Utrecht, NL - 300 devices

  • Brussels, BE - 200 devices

  • Liège, BE - 340 devices

  • Berlin, DE - 100 devices

  • San Francisco, US - 50 devices

Our Product

Telraam is a citizen-powered solution for collecting multi-modal traffic data with a purpose-built, affordable, and user-friendly device - the Telraam S2.

The Telraam sensor continuously monitors a street from a citizen’s window, providing data on various modes of transport, including motorised vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and more.

Telraam networks also create the opportunity for dialogue between traffic planners, local authorities and their most affected communities: the citizens who live on - and use - these streets, by turning traffic counting into an open and accessible citizen science project.

The Telraam S2 is our newest device. It counts and classifies road users, providing anonymous, aggregate data per traffic mode and per direction with a 15 minute resolution. In addition, it derives an estimated speed distribution (and the V85 speed) for cars.

Telraam S2 uses specially-trained AI and a proprietary tracking algorithm to detect, classify, and count road users with high precision in a wide range of typical street environments. Citizens place a Telraam sensor in their window, and the data that is collected can be shared with local authorities and policy makers as Open Data.

Telraam devices can be set up by individual citizens on their streets, or by local campaign groups and government authorities who fund citizen networks to gather local traffic data.


  • 2020
    API of the year (Flemish government)

  • 2022
    Nomination best start-up LIA's - Leuven Innovation Awards Nomination Cleantech Hero Mobility

  • 2023
    Winner - Velo-City (Leipzig); 1st prize,
    Clean Pedal Pitch for market-ready solutions



Twitter: @TelraamTelraam

LinkedIn: Telraam

Address: Diestsesteenweg 71, 3010 Leuven - Belgium


Kris Vanherle - CEO & Co-founder

Dave Driesmans - Co-founder

Wouter Florizoone - Business Development Manager

Robert McIntosh - Community Success Manager

Laurens Vander Kuylen - Project & Account Manager

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